Rovia beach

Rovies beach is of course located in the homonymous village. It is a large organized beach that extends beyond the village with the ability to accommodate many people. Just a few meters from the beach you will find taverns and cafes to enjoy your food and coffee. In many places you will find sunbeds with umbrellas.


Kamini beach

Kamini beach is located west of the main settlement. It is not organized but has deep blue waters which are offered for exploration with a mask.


Edipsos Baths Beach

The beach of Loutra Edipsos, although located in the heart of the spa town, is not organized. Mainly bathe elderly people who take advantage of the thermal waters. There are two most important points of the beach, the first is near the springs, on the beach of E.OT. where mainly bathe those who want to take advantage of the hot thermal waters that gush from the nearby springs.

The second point is the beach to the right and left of the ferry where there is no thermal water and more young people frequent. However, the largest volume of tourists prefer the beach of Agios Nikolaos for their usual swim.


Therma Loutra Beach in Ilia

The sources of the Suns gush from metamorphic rocks almost at sea level. The water runs under the pebbles of the coast and its presence is felt by the red sediment that is deposited in contact with the sea and by the increased temperature. The beach has minimal municipal umbrellas and some that belong to the rooms for rent in the area. It would be good to have your own umbrella as well as to get your coffee from the nearby beach cafe since there is no organized beach


The beach of Orei is the continuation of Tsokaitis. It is located and is the beach of the homonymous village, it presents intense tourist interest during the summer months. Although it is located in the village it is not so organized, but this does not prevent it from being clear and with clear blue waters